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As a general disclaimer, this in no way illustrates what is actually going to happen in-game.

Michael didn’t think about it when he realized he liked her. She was sitting at the Gryffindor table stuffing a piece of a banana up her nose to prove to Colin Creevey that she could do it without becoming sick, and after the boy looked disgusted, she blew the banana out onto his food and told him to eat it. When he tried, she jerked his hand away from his plate and called him mad. She handed him her plate and took his, but didn’t eat for the night. Afterward, he saw her steal a few biscuits inside of her robes as she rushed out of the Great Hall with everyone else on the quidditch team, likely moving as quickly as possible to prepare for practice.

Both of them had interaction over the journals, but he realized from that moment forth that he liked her and that he wanted to kiss her. With the natural progression of the apparent revelation of his homosexuality, she was a natural choice. Even in the future, Michael found himself surprised she actually agreed. Demelza didn’t seem like the type to do that.

She was the type who surprised him. She surprised him when she was the one to boldly take off his shirt when he snuck her up into his dormitory room. She was the one who surprised him when she gave him a token for their three month anniversary—it was a copy of Quidditch Weekly with a feature on the Falcons. Sure, she did both of these things in a very matter-of-fact way, but the fact that it was Demelza was enough for him.

Their dating was constant, even up to the siege of Hogwarts. They had sex the night after it happened for the first time, and Michael was absolutely horrible. Regardless, she looked up toward him afterward and insisted it wasn’t gross. As the month of May progressed, he got better—lasted longer, and she started taking a more demanding role. Neither of them talked about politics. They were both training, fighting, preparing—but neither of them talked about why they were doing it. There was an unspoken fact about how they didn’t need to state the obvious.

Thus, Michael never asked her if she was lying when she said she’d die for him. He simply accepted it as a way of life. People were dying for people. Asking her wasn’t going to get him anywhere. Asking her to have sex with him, though? That was a big deal, and Michael certainly cherished the moment when she kissed him as a response and the two fell together naturally. Perhaps it was fear, a Gryffindor urgency to try everything once—he didn’t care. It all fell together.

And it all fell apart. She didn’t die for only him in the end. Ginny was pulled out of the way and tossed against the wall, Demelza screaming at her and telling her that the hero was going to come out of this alive and he’d better have victory sex. Michael soon followed, and he tried to pull her back, tried to stop her, but she simply knocked him down and kicked him in the head, affording him fifteen minutes of unconsciousness and the opportunity to wake up and find his girlfriend dead beside him.

Michael didn’t know if he was supposed to love her or not, but he suspected he should. Demelza’s father gave him a car and tips on how to be a mechanic. Somehow, that was what she told her father to do. He just accepted it, in spite of his strong Ravenclaw tendencies. He just accepted it.
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I'm not sure if we're supposed to comment, but pfft if there's a no commenting rule. This rather made my day. And I've now read it fourteen times and still think I'll read it a few more before going to bed <3