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I can see Alaska from here!

He prefers it when it’s bright outside—sun coming down and burning him in the eyes and making the bright colors of his robes sparkle. The street he walks down is entirely Muggle. Three days prior, Flint decided to set a hex on a door of a business that sold pastries, and three days later, Adrian had to go and deal with the problem. His life is ever-going, moving, shaking, erasing—he remembers everything that he takes away from the people he obliviates, and he thanks a complete lack of humility within himself that keeps him for feeling for the people whose memories he fucks with. Sometimes, he erases more than just a single memory. He likes the looks on their faces when they come out of a daze and see a family member they no longer recognize. Fortunately, he has the sense not to use this to get sex. Oh, he’ll foil with the Muggles’ lives to get what he wants, but he has no desire to fuck them. Attractive or not, even he has limits.

But other limits don’t exist for him. Their lack within his life fulfills him, and when a Muggle glares at him as he walks past, he carelessly gesture toward the wrinkled old woman, adding a, “Fuck you, too, you old fucking bint,” before he continues walking down the street, a happy tune by some band or another playing in step in his head with his walks.

Adrian knows he would have continued this for a while, too, until he reached a safe Apparation Point. However, he finally sees what he must do when the Knight Bus pulls up alongside him and asks him if he needs a ride. Having never bothered to truly study the semantics of how wizards manage this in the middle of a Muggle neighborhood, he simply shakes his head and looks back behind him, now realizing how far he has walked because the old woman is no longer in sight, nor is her dingy-colored and drab house. “I’m just going to take the long way,” he tells the driver, deciding that taking the Knight Bus would only prove to be boring.

It is only as the vehicle pulls away quickly that Adrian realizes what he must do. Remembering the comments from the girl whose name doesn’t matter, he quickly steadies himself and considers the bus’ route. Of course, this isn’t the first time Adrian has tried to attack a bus, but the time before, he failed because the driver was rather conscientious of what he was trying to do. This time around, he’s positive that the same incident will not happen again. He will face the bus head-on and he will gain his victory.

The male walks quickly forward and turns a corner before he sees the bus awkwardly barreling down the street. Given the number of “negative” wizarding incidents in the neighborhood as of late, Adrian imagines the bus is merely trying to find another wizard. But no, Mister Pucey wants the triple-decker with the awkward driver who could never live up to the standards of Stan Shunpike (Adrian liked Stan, surprisingly enough) to slam into him and give him the opportunity of victory.

Thus, he plans a moment longer before Apparating quickly as the bus seems to pick up, right in front of the vehicle, and he ends up—on the ground, injured, with the bus simply lifting up in a belated fashion and moving over him before continuing down the street. “That’s all?” he asks, but on his ears, his voice sounds faint. He passes out.

He wakes up. Three hours later in St. Mungo’s, he opens his eyes to the red lips of a woman far too old for his liking telling him that a nice man found him in the street and brought him in. Adrian glares at her and gets out of the bed quickly, threatening to hex her if she tried to stop him from leaving. He gets home, he falls on his couch, and beside him, there is a journal.

And in that journal, he writes, “Ow.”
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