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incarcerousfic's Journal

Incarcerous RPG Fanfiction
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(the doe eyes are begging you to overcome any shyness and share your work)

Welcome to the official Incarcerous RPG fanfiction archive and fic prompt community. Roleplaying can be a creative inspiration not only within the confines of the game itself, and so this community exists so we can all share what we create in those moments. Participation is entirely optional.

There are no rules past the usual "play nice or we'll kick your ass." Feel free to share anything you've written from 3-sentence drabbles to full on chaptered stories, as long as it in some way ties back to Incarcerous-"verse" characters. Your moderators are the same people that run Incarcerous itself, so feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Membership is closed to members of the aforementioned game; however, feel free to friend the community if you are not one and would like to see what people post publically. As one could guess, any friends-locked posts will only be viewable to members of the RPG.

Banner credits: Made by luxuria, art by buttfacemakani, texture by hermintage
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